Subscription Services

Our subscription service. Enables our clients to get more out of our services for their money. This enables our social enterprise to thrive financially and to hire support our Waka Bridge Program. We have to be able to support our own community. It will take our own Maori | Pacific people to create these opportunities.  Our Subsription services can be tailored to our clients needs. Maybe they require more animation then Branding. Or more Brand work then Animation. This will take place over the talanoa with clients and Manatoa.

For every Premium Subscription client we get. We are able to create employment for our creative tech graduates and employment pathways in general for Maori | Pacific people to thrive in a well paid industry. 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Our Basic Mahi subscription ranges between 3-5k per month.  Customer can choose from 4 of the following services.

1 x Brand Development

1 x 1-2min Animated Content

1 x App Design

1 x Graphic Design Services (Posters, Flyers, Booklets)

1 x Basic Videography 

10 x Illustrations




Work Station


This option is best for organisations that require services for more than one initiative. Upto 3 max.  Customer can choose from 4 of the following services.

2-3 Brand Development

2-5min Animated Content

1-2 App Prototyping

1-2 Web Development

1-3 Graphic Design Services

1-3 Videography Services

1 x Game Development






The Enterprise option enables an entire organization to be taken care of (upto 10 initiatives) all of the services below are available:

Brand Development

Advertising Materials

10min of Animated Content

Kids Books

Digital AR | VR Content

3D Animated Content

Videography | Editing | FX

Ongoing daily support for quick turn around projects.




digital media & design

Graphic Design Services
Kids Book Layout
Comic Book Layout
Marketing Campaign Material
Brand Identity & Campaign
Website Design
App Designs
Magazine Publication Design

digital productions

2D Animation
Motion Graphics
Motion Design
3D Animation
AR Storytelling
Cinematic Animation
3D Production Services
2D & 3D Animated TVC, TVS and Feature Film
VFX Services
Virtual Production Services
Architectural Previz
Environment Design

entertainment design

Entertainment Design
Conceptual Design
Design Thinking
Commercial Design
Concept Art
Character & Prop Design
Comic Book Art
Apparel Design
Game Art

interactive design

Game Development
Web Development
App Dev
UX | UI Development
AR Development
VR Development
Realtime ArcViz
AI Dev