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The Story of Manatoa

Manatoa was founded by Kennedy Kioa Faimanifo (Animator at Wētā FX) during New Zealand's first COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

As a Social Enterprise we specialize in producing Māori & Pacific Digital Content by Māori Pacific Artists (Tangata Moana). With our team of artists we make up over 50 - 100 years of commercial experience within the creative tech industry.

Our kaupapa is to support more tangata moana into the creative tech industry by building employment pathways. We do this by getting work from potential clients and giving our upcoming artists opportunities to learn and earn towards their careers. For every second subscription we are able to create employment. For every golden package subscription we can create full time employment for tangata moana.

A big part of navigating our talented community is our waka bridge initiative. A free mentoring services with other industry creatives. We support current and graduate tertiary | university students who recognize as tangata moana and are currently enrolled in their second year of study or have graduated. We support with resume (cv), reels, portfolios, emails and general feedback and advice. In addition helping find paid work experience that can build their portfolio. We instill confidence by being industry ourselves.

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Waka Bridge Program

Do you need some support during your studies

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What is the Waka Bridge Program

This Waka Bridge Program is designed as a mentor service for tangata moana into the creative tech industry. Our kaupapa is built around cultural values and helping propel the careers of our rangatahi.

Who is it for ?

We engage with rangatahi from their 2nd year of tertiary | university studies through to post graduation. This is equivalent to a Level 6 - 8 Program. Students must recognize as tangata moana ( Māori | Pasifika decent ), and be studying towards a career within the creative tech industry.

If this sounds like you and your interested in a career in games, design, animation, film, multi media. Get in touch.

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Why are we doing this ?

Founder Kennedy Faimanifo was born and raised in South Auckland. His father was born in Iva, Samoa and his mother Māori of Ngapuhi decent. Growing up he has always seen the talent within our community. With lived experience in the community, industry experience & the academic accolades he has always wanted to give back to the next generation. (2021) It was evident that there was less then 4% of Māori Pacific people in the creative tech industry.

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